About Our Store

The origin of our inspiration is mostly derived from nature and its surroundings.

"I believe that everything done with heart is done well. For me, jewelry is more than just an accessory, it is a form of expression, an opportunity to shine, a boost of confidence, a way to connect, and a symbol of love. It is my hope that you feel more than just satisfied with your The Yeowoon product but inspired and lifted." - Suri Jong 


Founded with over two decades of solid jewelry designing experience, Suri Jung's humble beginning started in 1988, in a quintessential alley of Jongno, synonymously known as the golden heart of Seoul, South Korea.

Suri Jung's passion for exquisite handmade jewelry has since reached new heights and has now bloomed into a full-time passion. Recognized for our uniqueness which stretches from Suri’s vision to showcase a series of elegant gemstones, designed with intricate cuts and precious metals and focused on highlighting personal style instead of mass production.

The Yeowoon teams up with a close-knit group of professionals, bound by the same passion to work hand-in-hand from designing the most complex of crafts to its finest finishing touch, reflecting the designers’ flair for high quality and distinctive beauty for color and style.