4 Promises of The Yeowoon


1. Original Design 

The Yeowoon design is varied, striking, and inimitable. 
Collections can have a modern and a sense of humor, an imaginative and simple style but all have a strong essence of femininity and celebrate the gemstones' beauty and splendor.

2. Finest Quality 

We believe handmade goods have an expressive, soulful quality that can't be replicated any other way. That's why each one of our collections utilizes the work of dozens of skilled artisans using meticulously researched old-world techniques.
All of the products are being made through sophisticated and delicate work done by each Jewelry craft expert.
Unlike products made by machine production, it is ergonomically produced. Therefore, we have been received good customer feedback for providing a different level of jewelry wear. 


From design to production, every process is managed and strictly controlled in-house. Proudly saying, only a few jewelry companies that quality assured by the government.


Jewelry is an object that is passed down through generations, containing beautiful moments in life.
Made with unique design lines and exquisite skilled handcrafted create synergy with the beauty of completion. 
Products made through these processes will continue to make efforts to satisfy the value of products which will lead customers can find their own styles and colors through Theyeowoon Products.